Multimedia Parks of Lights

The Parks of Lights launched by us is an extraordinary way to create a modern form of narration, focused on a selected group of recipients.

We create theme-based light exhibitions, design tailor-made light figures and also organize assembly and disassembly of all installations.

For who?

See Light Park in Cracow, Poland.

Alice in Wonderland – The Park of Lights is the earliest event of its type in Poland. Thanks to the unique luminous characters and multimedia installations, we carry out a modern, unusual art of narration. Now all visitors, no matter what age, will move to a new reality, full of thrilling adventures.

Selected multimedia attractions

Multimedia light tunnel

Ready-to-connect, multimedia light tunnel, which in combination with sound effects and music, displays atmospheric visual and light effects.

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Multimedia Christmas tree

Thanks to innovative technology you will enchant your audience with spectacular light shows.

Begin telling any story while immersing your guests in a world of colors, movement, or sound, and at the same time evoke lasting memories and emotions. This is a perfect complement to every winter event.

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Multimedia light meadows

We create unique light meadows, which are programmed with wonderful light shows. Visual effects integrated with sound will evoke many unforgettable emotions.

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Tree lighting

With professional solutions, we decorate trees with durable LED strings and decorations with rare light effects.

Available in the individual offer:

Make your own Light Park, an outdoor event.

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